Party host onboarding is very similar to the sales strategy: we are a WORD OF MOUTH company. We want every customer to be part of the most incredible Wrapped in Hearts family, an exclusive club about which others learn through those who’ve experienced a Wrapped in Hearts party. The same goes for our party hosts. One of our Heart Hosts tells a friend and then another until we captured some of the most amazing Heart Hosts around. There’s no one better to recruit for us than other Heart Hosts.
Why is this?
Well our Heart Hosts know exactly what is expected and how the operation of the company works. They know without a doubt the kind of demeanor necessary to truly represent Wrapped in Hearts. Not only do we believe our customers are “Gold Baby, Pure Gold,” but we also believe this about our Heart Hosts. We are ALL in this TOGETHER, providing a quality process and product, delivered exceptionally, all the while exposing others to the benefits of hemp-derived products. Yes, this happens when gathering with an amazing group of humans! Thus, our exemplary Heart Hosts are the center of all we do. We are looking for the very best, PERIOD! Our number one goal is to enhance the quality of life for every person we touch. It’s OUR why! Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about being part of our Wrapped in Hearts HEART HOST family!