Who are we?

Wrapped in Hearts is a premier party sales company specializing in premium hemp CBD products. Our company is dedicated to promoting personal wellness, health, and happiness, striving to achieve optimal outcomes for our customers’ quality of life. Our approach to wellness is founded on a lifestyle that prioritizes emotional growth, spiritual and physical learning, and human connection, all centered around hemp-based products. Our mantra, “You are Gold, Baby! Pure Gold!” reflects our deep appreciation for every customer we serve.

At Wrapped in Hearts, we are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. Our hemp-based products offer a unique and valuable contribution to personal wellness, and we are dedicated to sharing this knowledge with our customers. We are building a team of experienced professionals called Heart Hosts, who are passionate about promoting health and wellness through our products and services, and we strive to maintain the highest levels of quality and excellence in everything we do.

Our Why

When the lockdown occurred, many were anxious and scared, not knowing what the future would bring. How would this “thing” called the coronavirus affect us and our world. During the pandemic, businesses and schools were forced to close and many people- adults, teenagers, and children – were working, living, and receiving an education in isolation, distancing themselves from others. In fact, the CDC supported separation of people during the pandemic, recommending skipping social gatherings and mandating the wearing of masks in public. While this served as a precautionary way to prevent the spread of the disease, research is indicating that more detrimental outcomes are the result. We will never really know the extent of damage caused by these precautions. Data show spikes in stress, anxiety, depression, among other health issues that affect one’s mood, thinking, and behavior. Suicide is also on the rise and the feeling of hopelessness exists in many Americans but especially in middle- aged men and women between the ages of 48-54 and elderly men, 83 years of age and older.

We are convinced that there is a need for affordable, quality hemp products, promoting health and wellness, those that provide stress, anxiety, and pain relief, skin remedies for face and body, and support and treatment for many other ailments and sustainable products that enhance the quality of life. We are also convinced that we have exactly what it takes to ensure this happens. Our company culture reflects our commitment to quality products, executional excellence, growth, and innovation, each of which is necessary to ensure our consumers will have access to quality products in good time. Our values encompass mutual respect, humility, integrity, and professionalism PERIOD. We will always stand for these.

What exactly do we do?

Ultimately, our first step was to identify how we can help others. We desired to manufacture and distribute quality hemp products that will do what we say they will do. Thus, identifying stakeholders who could greatly benefit from our products was the next step. We wanted to help improve the lives of those who struggled with stress, anxiety, depression, among other issues that affect so many Americans today. Making natural products available that help lesson some physical or emotional stressors and promote an
exceptional life became our passion project. Veterans, women, men, friends, and pets are targeted groups. It’s a great place to start. Determining the best strategy to bring awareness and products to identified stakeholder groups follows.

Think about it! What’s the best way to unite people, bringing them together for an evening of fun? Host a party, right? Well, this strategy is neither unique nor innovative. In the early 1950s party sales grew out of a door-to-door sales model. Stanley Home Products began with salesmen knocking on doors and transitioned to women hosting parties, modeling uses of various cleaning products for sale. From Stanley came Tupperware followed by Mary Kay, Home Interiors, and Longaberger Baskets. These companies offered women the flexibility to create their own schedules, giving them the autonomy to organize their personal and professional lives. It was a great gig back then and many women today are in search of this kind of gig today.

How exactly do we do it?

As a consumer-direct company, we have devised a strategy to diversify our channels to expand our business. Our first tactic involves on-site parties, which will be initiated through a Heart Host recruitment campaign. This recruitment campaign promotes the advantages of serving as Heart Hosts for Wrapped in Hearts. Our second channel is virtual parties where Heart hosts can invite customers worldwide by sharing an invitation link, requiring only internet access. The third channel will be hosting parties for veterans, first responders, and members of fraternal organizations. Heart hosts will facilitate a party-like environment for them. Finally, we plan to adopt a wholesale approach where Wrapped in Hearts products will be sold to boutiques, salons, massage therapy centers, yoga studios, and spas to sell to their customers. This approach is intended to make our products more widely available while providing revenue streams for these establishments.

Our Great Expectations

In the novel “Great Expectations,” Pip discovers that the true joys of life are not tied to wealth but to the prosperity of life. Similarly, Wrapped in Hearts seeks to change the negative perceptions associated with cannabis and, in doing so, help people improve their quality of life. The versatility of industrial hemp and its natural composition holds great promise for those seeking alternative treatments for pain, anxiety, sleep disturbances, mood imbalances, and other conditions. Through education and advocacy, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Ultimately, the Wrapped in Hearts initiative is dedicated to helping people discover the power of natural remedies and a positive mindset. And in doing so, revenue increases will naturally occur.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers and investors. Your unwavering support has propelled us to this point, and we cannot thank you enough! We invite you to join us on our mission to spread wellness, health, and happiness through Wrapped in Hearts. Together, we can create a better world!

To put it simply, “YOU are GOLD, Baby! Pure GOLD!”