What are Wrapped in Heart Parties

In the early 1950s party sales grew out of a door-to-door sales model. Stanley Home Products began with salesmen knocking on doors and transitioned to women hosting parties, modeling uses of various leaning products for sale. From Stanley came Tupperware followed by Mary Kay, Home Interiors, and Longaberger Baskets. These companies offered women “flexibility and autonomy they couldn’t find in other jobs. They could choose how many hours they wanted to work, and control their own schedules” (PBS, Para.5). It was a great gig back then and many women today are in search of this kind of gig today.

In that spirit Wrapped in Hearts help our team host Parties to introduce people to our tribe, our products, and the benefits of using CBD.

What are our Products?

Themed Packs for

  • women
  • men
  • heroes
  • besties
  • animals

Individual Products

  • Chewables and drops
  • Facial serums, creams, and lip gloss
  • Cream and roll on for ailments
  • Chewies and drops for animals
  • Games
  • Health & wellness products for everyone

How are parties organized?

  1. Begin with a BANG! …followed by Introduction of host (2 minutes).
  2. Share gratitude with attendees (1 minute).
  3. Present an engagement activity (Get to Know You [5 minutes]).
  4. Educate on HEMP & Cannabis & the WHY behind Wrapped in Hearts (12 minutes).
  5. Communicate objectives of Heart (1 minute).
  6. Introduce products and outline their uses and benefits (10 minutes).
  7. Provide testimonials throughout Heart (30 seconds each x4 = 2 minutes)
  8. Initiate a second engagement activity (10 minutes)
  9. Promotion of sales (15 minutes)
    • Product packs
    • Subscription model
  10. End with a thought provoking message and contact information (2 minutes)